The focus of my private practice to women's hormonal health. 

What does that mean?

It means I was seeing the same concerns over and over again in my mostly women patient practice. I felt I had a chance to help women learn what their hormones are and do to empower them to make health decisions rather than feeling dismissed.

Hormonal Health doesn't just focus on Estrogen!


Progesterone, Testosterone, along with Thyroid hormones, Adrenal hormones, and Metabolic hormones are important. These hormones do not act alone in a vacuum, they are interacting with every system in the body.


In other words, Women's Hormonal Health is Whole Woman Health.

Women = assigned female at birth.


The hormonal problems my patients encounter include:

Pre-menstrual syndrome, Irregular Periods, Fertility concerns (PCOS etc.), Overweight/Obesity/Metabolic Syndrome & Diabetes Type 2, Adrenal fatigue and Thyroid disorders plus many gastrointestinal concerns and symptoms.

The Onboarding Course is the perfect place to start if you aren't sure if you want to work with Dr. Canfield in a one-on-one consultation but want a glimpse into how she works. This is also a prerequisite for a one-one-one consultation. 

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