Dr. Canfield’s 7 Day Detox Schedule Overview

1. The Prep Period 3-7 days

  • prior to starting the detox, you will prep your kitchen by getting rid of any processed foods as well as your personal trigger foods in your pantry.

  • Take all the quizzes and self-assessments.

  • Detox your kitchen containers, body products, and household cleaning supplies.

  • Write down your waist and hip measurement and your weight. Calculate your Waist to Hip Ratio.

  • Start cutting out caffeine now, by tapering down from coffee to black tea to green tea.

  • Purchase supplements (optional). You may purchase these at a 20% discount through Dr. Canfield’s Fullscripts portal.  

 2. Day 1-7 (or 28) of the detox

  • You will get an email each day to help keep you motivated and on track! 

  • Each day there will be a topic we discuss in the email.

  • Use the Facebook group to get your questions answered and for support!

  • Go to sleep between 10-11pm daily.

  • Get plenty of filtered water daily. 

  • Get enough protein daily based on your activity level (see handouts in the program). 

3. Day 8 and beyond

  • Give yourself a pat on the back! You did it!

    • Did you know that you can extend this program to 28 days up to 4 times a year to reset your liver , hormones and ​metabolism?

  • Retake your waist and hip measurements and your weight.  Remember muscle weighs more than fat. Check in with how your clothes are fitting, too.

  • If you are still having concerns, contact me to see if you would benefit from a one-on-one visit with me!

waist to hip ratio pic.jpg