What is Functional Medicine?

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Functional Medicine

This is a whole new way to think about approaching health concerns. Functional Medicine is the medicine of ‘Why?’ Meaning, ‘why are you having these symptoms’, not ‘here is a pill to cover up your symptoms’ or worse, having a doctor blow off your symptoms or concerns. How many times has that happened to you? It sure has happened to me! If it has happened to me as a medical student, medical resident, and as a doctor, you can imagine how much it really happens! A common theme is a patient telling me that their doctor told them their symptoms were all in their head.


These consults take a lot of time both on my part and on the patient’s part. We use questionnaires, food journals, bloodwork and supplements (and more) to get to the root causes of a problem. As a patient seeking this type of consult, you need to be willing to change and take a deep dive into your health history and personal habits (diet, exercise, etc.). These will cost more, but I can honestly tell you, I’ve seen patients make life-changing long-term improvements to their health! That’s priceless. I’ve also put together group workshops and seminars in order to get this information in a group setting which costs significantly less than individual consults with me, plus you get the support of the group.

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