In primary care we are generalists. I tell patients we are trained to be the gatekeepers and know a little about a lot of things. With time we become experts in different conditions or niches in medicine.  I practice primary care with an integrative approach. This means I try to minimize the number of antibiotics I prescribe and treat conservatively until we need to be more aggressive in diagnosis, which could mean more testing and medications over my first line of nutrition and lifestyle changes. As a licensed physician in NY state and Pennsylvania, I can prescribe medications, order blood work and x-ray studies plus refer to specialists, if needed. 


*Even though I do not have a private primary care panel anymore, I always make sure to use my knowledge from conventional medicine in these integrative consults. In turn, you may need to see your Primary Care Provider if we determine there is something that needs to be explored as part of your treatment that I do not do as a consultant.*